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Unleashing Digital Influence: Mastering Multi-Channel Stakeholder Engagement

May 26, 2023


In this video, Thom McLachlan, who heads up Aprio Digital, discusses how to approach a fully integrated multi-channel stakeholder outreach campaign, or in other words, combining all your communications offerings with the digital world.


First, it’s important to understand your stakeholders and any barriers they may face in accessing your content. ¬†Identify who your stakeholders are, such as employees, clients, decision-makers, investors, or the media. It’s likely a combination of these groups.


Determine your priority audience and allocate budget accordingly. Consider the communication channels your audience uses and the type of information they seek. Your message should reach them where they are and in a format they understand.


Some audiences may prefer online news pages, videos, or quick text/audio clips, while others may need a more detailed description on a website or microsite. For example, during M&A activities, a scrolling microsite can provide key information easily shared on social media or with the media. If your communication history involves the same audience or expanding to new audiences, consider where you’ve communicated before and plan for more content accordingly.


Remember to adapt your approach based on past communication efforts and consider the need for additional content to reach new audiences. With careful planning and execution, you can create a cohesive and impactful outreach campaign that connects with your stakeholders in the digital realm.

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