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The Digital Communicators Odyssey: Conquering Technology in 2024

December 4, 2023


By Aprio Digital Team


2024 is fast approaching and businesses will embark on a transformative odyssey reminiscent of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s (or heroine’s) journey — a quest filled with challenges, discoveries, and ultimately, triumph. Our communications leader must navigate unknown terrains, draw upon new resources, and tackle unprecedented foes to conquer an unimaginably difficult quest. But the good news is that overcoming this is possible. In fact it may be the stuff of legends.


Companies will need to craft a robust digital strategy, rethink their communication paradigms, and embrace innovative technologies to thrive against their fast-paced digital foes in 2024.


Charting the Course:

Vision, Strategy, and Digital Auditing


Our hero’s journey begins with a quest, a vision, for which a clear strategy must align digital objectives with overarching business goals. They will need a clear map: A comprehensive digital audit to assess their current capabilities, identifying areas for enhancement, and ensuring readiness for the digital challenges ahead.


Insight: The initial phase of a digital strategy lays the foundation for a detailed action plan, inclusive of timelines, budgets, and measurable objectives, steering the journey in the right direction.


Embracing Change, Learning New Skills:

The Transformation of Corporate Communication


As our digital hero navigates the journey, they may encounter a landscape dominated by naysayers — internal resistance, or audiences on social media who will form rapid opinions about their goals. The risks are relentless and the hero faces a demand for authenticity.


Our hero starts to hone their skills. Strategies must become more targeted, communications more strategic, and the entire approach imbued with a measure of authenticity and adaptability previously unseen.


Insight: Traditional corporate messaging may need to undergo a metamorphosis as businesses realise the necessity of engaging (and not resisting) a digitally savvy audience across all stakeholder categories.


Harnessing New Tools:

The Power of AI and technology


At this point in the journey, new tech tools may be required not only to bolster operational efficiency but also to contribute tangibly to the communication team’s objectives, ensuring that the hero is well-equipped to face the challenges ahead.


Insight: Analytics, emerging technology, AI and social media campaigns are valuable allies when used effectively; enhancing both external and internal communications capabilities, and streamlining processes and narratives.


Navigating to Triumph:

Implementation, Adaptation, and Continuous Learning


With a clear vision and strategy in place, and new tools at their disposal, our digital hero is ready to implement their comms plan. In a dramatic twist, they realise their foe was not what they thought it was – in fact, it was the Great Unknown and that the journey doesn’t end here.


Insight: Continuous monitoring, adaptation, and learning are key to ensuring that a digital strategy remains effective. Drawing inspiration from the feedback they receive, the strategies that others implement, and the creative resilience inherent in emerging regions like Africa, businesses can ensure they are not just surviving, but thriving in the digital age.


The Sequel:

Sustaining the Momentum

The digital odyssey is a continuous journey, requiring unwavering attention, evaluation, and realignment with the organisation’s core objectives. As businesses master their digital strategy, embrace transformative communication practices, and leverage innovative technologies, they ensure their place in the pantheon of digital heroes, ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.


Join us on this journey of discovery and mastery. Explore deeper insights into crafting and implementing effective digital strategies by connecting with our community through LinkedIn or reach out to us at digital@aprio.co.za, and we’ll help you and your comms team forge a new path towards digital adoption.

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