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Year-end message

December 4, 2023


Exceptional communication is not only valuable when we are sharing our successes. Building trust, reinforcing relationships, and efficiently disseminating critical information become even more important during times of challenge and constraint.


The increasingly widespread recognition of the value of effective communication has driven Aprio’s growth in 2023, despite the tough economic conditions persisting both globally and nationally.


It has been a privilege to secure new business during a year in which budgets are understandably tight, and it has been very pleasing to see that a good portion of this new business continues to be secured from existing clients, indicating their satisfaction with our performance and their trust in our ability to meet a wider range of their communication requirements.


Jumpstarting SA Inc


We continue to be inspired by our work with Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA), Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) and Business for South Africa (B4SA), organisations at the forefront of driving the interventions needed for South Africa’s future economic success. This has provided Aprio with an opportunity to support the critically important work that is currently underway to correct South Africa’s rocky economic course and ultimately stimulate investment, inclusive growth and employment.


Engaging workforces


Our corporate client work continues to increase, with a particular focus on employee engagement among larger clients. Many companies have continued their hybrid work arrangements post-Covid-19, resulting in an increased need for employees to be kept informed, engaged and productive, regardless of where they work. Employee engagement is also vital for employers to ensure employees are adequately supported through wellness programmes as many continue to struggle with the tough socio-economic environment and rising cost of living. 


Aprio`s divisional growth


The Aprio team has continued to work across a wide range of communications disciplines, providing thoughtful advice and guidance, hands-on support and content generation to our clients through Aprio Strategic Communications and our four divisions.


Aprio’s Africa Regional Markets (Aprio ARM) has shown solid progress in generating new business in selected African regions. A major beverage company and a large financial institution are key clients, while our growing networks – notably in Zambia – have driven a regular flow of work opportunities. Our Aprio ARM team has been actively involved in stakeholder-engagement activities covering consumers, employees, regulators and others.


Aprio Credence remained active with its numerous reputation-enhancement and issue-management programmes and projects. Our seasoned advisory team continues to deliver carefully considered crisis and communication strategies and narrative playbooks to guide issue-specific communication requirements.


Aprio Digital’s capabilities have been integrated into almost every facet of our client work, illustrating the importance of digital channels in the communications mix; they are also guiding Aprio in the appropriate application of artificial intelligence and virtual reality as essential aspects of effective communication in the future. 


The Aprio IR team continued to deliver exemplary guidance on regulated reporting requirements, together with the delivery of annual reports, investor presentations, media schedules and other collateral. As the economic environment remains subdued, the prevalence of corporate actions has considerably diminished and investor relations work on transactions has declined significantly.


Looking forward to an eventful 2024


The upcoming 2024 elections in the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa are expected to require sound guidance and well-considered content as our clients navigate their way through the many socio-political issues and events that will almost certainly emerge during the year.


I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to our clients for entrusting us with protecting and enhancing your valuable reputations through carefully considered communication initiatives, and to the ‘A’ team for your dedication and commitment in delivering impeccable service to our growing client base.


I wish you and your families a safe, happy, restful and well-deserved holiday season, and I look forward to continuing to work alongside you in 2024.

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