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Why Its Critical For Companies To Shift To Digital Platforms

August 31, 2020

That old saying of “adapt or die” has never been more true or relevant, particularly when referring to today’s business and the corporate world. COVID-19 has shifted the goalposts and forced all of us to rethink the business strategies and best practice we employ.


Even prior to COVID-19, global business had inexorably shifted towards digital platforms in terms of marketing, advertising and internal structures. We have all become accustomed to virtual meetings, emails, social media, online advertising and even WhatsApp messages gradually emerging as our primary means of promoting and running our business.


Digital platforms have become the norm without many of us even realising it.


The impact of digital is understood better when you look at current statistics – there are 5.11 billion unique mobile users in the world today, while there were 4.39 billion internet users and 3.48 billion social media users in 2019.


The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the emphasis we should place on migrating our business practices to digital platforms, as the virus has considerably shifted the speed at which general industry is embracing digital transformation.


However, it is fruitless to merely shift to digital without having a comprehensive strategy to achieve the desired impact. An effective digital platform needs to be purpose-built, inspiring and engaging; it is there to strategically target your market and encourage your readers to enquire further about what your company stands for, its purpose, and beliefs.


Companies will benefit from professionally presented digital content that obtains engagement and takes the reader on a ‘click-journey’. Depending on the digital platform you use, engagement can be tracked at a basic or detailed level, with key insights provided into the success of your content strategy.


Compelling digital stories and presentations will have a powerful effect on your different audiences, whether these are your employees, investors, regulators, partners, or others. They will create an association with your company, change perceptions and behaviour and influence decisions. Your company should aim to bring digital content to life, so that it inspires and engages the audience – it must take the reader on a journey.


The best way to accomplish this goal is to devise a strategy with relevant content and inspiring imagery on an engaging platform. Specialist writers and designers are key towards achieving this goal, while a bespoke platform ensures better engagement and ease of use.


Aprio Digital can help you successfully shift to digital platforms and benefit from this market trend. We can enhance your corporate reputation through the creation, distribution and monitoring of digital content in a strategically considered, coherent and consistent way via the most appropriate digital platforms to enable you to meet your reputational objectives.


For more information about Aprio Digital, contact: digital@aprio.co.za

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