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Introducing Aprio ARM Botswana

January 18, 2022

Botswana continues to rank highly in terms of ease of doing business. The country’s macro-economic policy maintains a low, stable and predictable level of inflation, making it a regionally and globally competitive economy, attracting foreign investors and providing value to commercial enterprises.


Furthermore, the country has, over the years, developed significant skills in mining, construction, financial services, and tourism. Botswana continues to diversify its economy and benefits from talented and skilled individuals in key economic sectors.


If you’re looking to consolidate or expand your business in Botswana, Aprio ARM Botswana will ensure that your reputational and communications objectives are achieved seamlessly and effectively, nationally and beyond.


Whatever your sector – from mining, telecommunication, manufacturing, energy, health, technology, engineering through to financial services – we can help you safeguard your reputation and engage key stakeholders in a challenging socio-economic environment where there is no such thing as a low-risk industry.



Aprio ARM Botswana team


Our local team is led by Country Managing Partner, Ulla Setswalo, who has garnered years of experience and leadership in the media and strategic communications field across both Botswana and in the broader African region. She has previously undertaken consultancy work for Plato Institute in Greece. In recognising the need for integration and redefining corporate communication among the African countries, Ulla has a strong belief that it is time for Africans to efficiently take the lead in changing the narrative of the communications agenda for clients with a shared purpose.

If you are looking for a specialist communications agency to support your business or brand in Botswana, please contact Ulla Setswalo: ulla@aprioarm.com mobile number: +267 74723776



Extended Africa regional team


Webster Malido, Johannesburg, South Africa, profile (from Aprio ARM website)


Julian Gwillim, Johannesburg, South Africa (from Aprio ARM website)


Ulla Setswalo, Gaberone, Botswana ulla@aprioarm.com mobile number: +267 74723776


Visit www.aprioarm.co.bw for more information

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